$9.00 - Free Shipping on 5 or more to 1 address

$9.00 - Free shipping on 5 or more to 1 address

* PERLA'S ROASTED PEPPERS: 4 Types of Roasted Peppers making this a Truly Authentic Mexican Style Salsa.  Spices up all Taco combinations. Also very good with Macaroni & Cheese or Pizza.   Check out our " Secret Recipe Section " for dinner tonight. 

OUR SALSAS are GREAT for Marinading, Cooking & Dipping with Chips !

We Make 8 Completely Different Types of Salsa to Compliment your Family Meals.


$9.00 - Free Shipping on 5 or more to 1 address

$9.00 - Free Shipping on 5 or more to 1 address


* BENITO'S FUEGO SALSA: Roasted Habanero, Fresh Garlic, Roasted Peppers with a Smokey Cumin finish flavor. Also good with Asian foods. So much flavor in every spoon full.                        More like a Spicy Taco Sauce or A Wonderful Spicy Ketchup !

$9.00 - Free Shipping on 5 or more to 1 address

$9.00 - Free Shipping on 5 or more to 1 address

* ROASTED TOMATILLO SALSA: Fire Roasted Peppers & Tomatillos. The Best Tomatillo Salsa anywhere........ so we're told !  Bet you thinking Chicken Enchiladas or Pork Verde now, aren't you .......

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​​ * CAMPFIRE BLACK BEAN & CORN: Mild-Sweet made with Organic Blue Agave Nectar. Our Thicker - Chunkier Salsa. Unforgettable on your Morning Eggs or Easy to make Nachos & Quesadilla's. Amazing in a Spaghetti Squash Bowl

                                   (All you need is Chips & Cheese) for your Family or Guests.

* LIAM'S GRINGO SALSA: Made with Real Lime Juice. A Fresh " Pico de Gallo Salsa " but preserved to lock in the taste. Best Salsa Runner-Up Award in UofA in Tucson Arizona.

                                                  All around salsa, goes with everything.

* FIRE ROASTED MANGO SALSA: Fire Roasted Tomatoes, Roasted Garlic & Roasted Peppers with Mango Pieces. This is a Mild Salsa with flavor and very little heat. 

Very good on Baked White Fish or a Northwest favorite " Salmon "

$9.00 - Free Shipping on 5 or more to 1 address

* * PINEAPPLE HABANERO SALSA: Sweet & Hot. First the taste of Chilled Pineapple then Roasted Peppers with a finished Kick of Roasted Habanero Pepper. A very flavorful salsa for Wrap Sandwiches, Extra Spicy Topping on Brie or Cream Cheese, Pizza or Fish Taco's.

$9.00 - Free Shipping on 5 or more to 1 address


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* HOLY MOLY SALSA: Twice as much Roasted Habanero & Roasted Garlic. This is our Hottest to date. It has a nice burn that hits you twice and makes you come back for more. Very good on Fish, Shrimp, Taco Meats, etc...

                                            Very Popular with " The PepperHeads".