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             February 26,2015
​             Volume 19, Issue 

  Made in Central Oregon Issue  

The Micro Brew of Salsa 

Locally-sourced ingredients to complement every dippable, dressable dish !


Six years ago, Perla and Bill Pearce packed up their life in Tucson, Arizona, and moved north to Bend, Oregon. But they weren't ready to leave the flavor of the southwest behind - and brought along with them their gourmet salsa company.

With its now-somewhat geographically askew name, the Southwest Salsa Co. was created when the founders became exasperated with seeing the same old salsa each time they went to the grocery store.

"You know the names, the [companies] that sell so many other products that they forgot to keep the salsa authentic, genuine and worthy for your family and friends," says co-founder Perla. With each grocery salsa looking and tasting the same, Perla and Bill set out to create their authentic homestyle salsa, using fresh, local bought produce, and only natural preservatives.

With its close proximity to the border, Arizona isn't short on Mexican-style cuisine or salsa. But moving to Bend came with some new challenges, and opportunities—for starters, an untapped market and a new client base that may not yet understand that salsa isn't just for tacos and burritos.

"Salsa is a condiment that goes with just about everything," explains Perla. "From our morning eggs to sandwiches, wraps, salads; on burgers and steaks."

Currently, Bill and Perla have nine flavors, ranging from the mild Fire Roasted Mango for the fruit enthusiast, to the Hot Holy Moly for those "local pepperheads."

Each consumer, says Perla, has his or her own heat index and flavor profile, but for an all-around fresh flavor they recommended Liam's Gringo Salsa, made with cilantro and real lime juice.

"A mild-medium, fresh-tasting salsa, like a Pico de Gallo," Perla says of Liam's Gringo, which has won a mantle full of awards, including first place at the La Pine Fall Festival in 2012. This go-with-everything salsa has a smooth restaurant-style texture and strong citrus undertones. However, for a mild-medium, it still packs a punch. Southwest Salsa Co. doesn't water down its open flame-roasted pepper flavors, leaving its salsas spicier than the usual fare. But with that extra spice also comes more flavor.

                                                             Southwest Salsa Co. products are sold at a variety of 10 locations in Central Oregon including: 


                                                               Newport Avenue Market -Bend, OR.                                                    West Coast Provision- Northwest Crossing Drive, Bend, OR. - NWX

                                                            C.E. Lovejoy's - SW Side of Bend, OR.                                                                  Oliver Lemon's  (Formally Melvin's - Sister's, OR. 

                                                                      Sebastian's Seafood & Cafe - Bend, OR. - NWX                                       Oliver Lemon's (Formally Terrebonne Thriftway)  - Terrebonne, OR.                                            

                                                                             Market of Choice -Bend, OR.                                                       Brasada Ranch Resort - Powell Butte, OR.General Store - Open to Public                                                                                                                    Wagner's Market  in Prineville, OR.                                                           High Desert Food and Farm Alliance - Bend, OR.


                                 -------     Northwest Crossing Farmer's Market and Local Seasonal Events, Store Taster Demo's all year long !   -------

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We use only the best ingredients that keep customers coming back time and again.

We started our Gourmet Salsa business in Arizona because we were tired of seeing the same local grocery store style salsa looking and tasting the same......

You know the names, the ones that sell so many other products they forgot to keep the Salsa Authentic, Genuine & Worthy for your family and party guests.

Nothing beats the taste of Home-Style Salsa made just days
before enjoying with your family. 

We make our Salsa with fresh produce and natural preservatives. Try ours just once, and you'll be back for more !

Taste the difference and we know you'll tell  your friends and family about our products.